TryHard is the name I chose to represent myself as an independent game developer.

As for the logo, it was designed by one of the former members of TryHard (a long time ago when TryHard was a team). It may look like an “n”, but it is in fact a Thai alphabet representing the word “soldier” (as we served in the military during our high school years).


I code to provoke catharsis and to bring about individuation.

In other words, as a passionate student of the occult, religion, psychoanalysis, and philosophy, along with being a psychonaut, 3D animator, programmer, and musician, I develop video games for spiritual freaks.



I had always LOVED making video games. The very first game engine that I used as a child was the Warcraft 3 World Editor. I haven’t stopped developing video games ever since (although I only published a handful of them). I’m also a former vice president of Purdue University’s Independent Game Developers Club (IGDC). As of right now, I’m juggling between video game development and schoolwork.