Felix’s Computer

We will be working on a new game titled Felix’s Computer. Here is what the game is about:

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Game Title: Felix’s Computer

Game Concept:
The entire game is about Felix’s journey of keeping his laptop free from computer viruses and other malicious files. Felix’s only defense against computer attacks is his anti-virus software packed with multiple countermeasures. The game starts off with Felix’s desktop screen, and when the player launches the anti-virus application from the desktop screen multiple computer countermeasures are presented, each featuring different game modes.

Felix is rendered helpless upon reading the email sent to him from a mysterious person who goes by the name of Sumeth. The email states of how careless Felix was for leaving his laptop unattended in a restaurant, and that Sumeth has heavily infected Felix’s laptop with computer viruses during Felix’s absence from his laptop. Sumeth took control over Felix’s laptop, and if Felix does not comply with Sumeth’s wishes the computer infection will worsen.
But not all hope is lost. A friend of Felix has extra copies of TryHard, the most powerful anti-virus software of the century. The software however, as powerful as it is, requires manual control. With TryHard installed in Felix’s laptop, it is up to Felix to crush Sumeth’s viruses and save his laptop from its infection.

Gameplay: There are multiple game modes available, the gaming perspectives are either Top-Down or First Person.

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