Due to a serious case of the corrupt user profile error in Microsoft Windows, all the Guardian Angel project files were lost (models, unity projects, images, etc.) including personal files. The lost files were unrecoverable even with various file recovery software and system restorations. The computer (with all the Guardian Angel files) was fully erased and reverted back to its initial state.

We TRYHARDs, along with great sadness, will no longer work on the Guardian Angel project (at least not anytime soon). However, we will still continue making games… so keep your hopes up (don’t worry we will make backups this time).

Sumeth, an infamous mad scientist and a chef, has escaped from imprisonment and created an army of mutant hams in hope of world domination.

You are a highly engineered pest fighting home appliance that was banned from the commercial market due to safety reasons. Your job, as fatal as it sounds, is to eliminate as many mutant hams as possible while you can still function properly.