Secret Page for Arm

Hello, Arm! Sending you loads of google images into our chat room might be annoying for you so I decided to put it all in this secret web page. This is page is only for you (but if you want to show it to other people whom you trust then feel free to do it).

LOCATION OF TATTOO: Okay, first off, I am planning to get a tattoo around the right upper breast until the shoulder (it could be easily covered that way). Here is where I want it…


Here are some examples of tattoos on that location…

WHAT I WANT TATTOOED ON ME: You have probably heard of Sun Wukong, the monkey king/god. He appeared in many video games. Personally for me, I know him from the old Chinese stories I heard/read from childhood (Journey to the West). Sun Wukong is a Chinese mythological creature, so it is best to visualize according to traditional paintings of him and NOT from video game or modern depictions of him. Here are some good examples…

THE POSE OF THE TATTOO: So now that you know that I want Sun Wukong on me, what exactly should he be doing on my upper breast? Sitting? Standing? Fighting? That is up to you. However, I do have a vague idea of how I want it done.

A couple things famous about Sun Wukong is his staff. And according to the location of my tattoo, it is most practical to make the staff horizontal (but with a little tilt). He could be doing some pose that he would usually do (what a monkey would do) around his staff. I modeled a 3d model to help explain myself…

the model
some quick tracing
finished tattoo on my upper breast to shoulder

ART STYLE: Please feel free to experiment on your own. You could even draw multiple versions and I will choose from them or give comments for additional changes. Try to keep the drawing “traditional”, as in artsy – something that could be displayed in a Chinese museum. Also, there is an art style in particular that I would like you to give it a go, it’s the Chinese paper fold style…

I feel that the Chinese paper fold style would do a great job at making the tattoo somewhat minimalist and symbolic. Oh yeah, I plan on having a completely black tattoo.

But seriously though, feel free to experiment with multiple styles. I’d love to see them all!

Thanks, Arm!